Wild Rag Tutorial


In my attempt to lessen the financial burden of Christmas this year I decided to make homemade gifts. This did help alleviate the cost but it also    added to my work load when I sat down with my list and figured how many gifts I needed to make. This being said however I found a few cool things to make from the heart and on the cheap. Here is one of the projects.

1 yard satin or silk fabric
“Ban Roll” ( also know as waste stabilizing material)

All in all it only cost me about $6 to make each one of these.

I used this tutorial to make the hems on my scarves.

TIPS: The Ban roll is found at a sewing center focused on clothing or tailoring. I had to order it online, it wasn’t at Micheals or JoAnns. Also I suggest just doing a test run on a piece of cotton to see how it works. I didn’t get it at first until I tried it and then it was awesome. Also I used a paperclip to keep the loose end of my roll in check. The earlier tutorial recommends buying a longer piece to use for bigger projects bu the excess tail was driving me nuts.


Step 1: Cut the silk into a 36×36 square. This is easiest done by folding up a corner as shown below.


Step 3: Follow the tutorial linked above to make your first hem stitch on one edge. Remember to pin on the right side of the fabric first. This was the hardest part for me. I couldn’t get my head around starting on the right side.

TIP: I put a heavy cotton pillowcase under my machine. This gave me a less slick surface to work on since the silk slides around a lot when pinning and sewing. It also helped because I could just slide the machine up and iron without having to get up to press hems. A major bonus when you are making 11 of these.


Step 4: Keeping using the baby hem all around the four edges of the scarf. This hem helps make a neat little corner also.  And you’re all done!