Creative Gardening

Why limit my creativity to home decor? I like to think outside the box with my gardening facilities too!




I Love Paint!

I really shouldn’t get out a paint brush. I just start painting and can’t stop. Before I know it I have paint on everything that doesn’t move…and well honestly even things that do move (read my kids if they feel a need to help). I keep running to the hardware store for just one more quart… well here are my newest favorite colors…



Fun Summer Decor

Okay, I have a problem. I might even need to have an intervention… I drag home doors, and windows and anything else that looks cool. I think they have potential. My husband thinks I am a hoarder. But I do fun stuff with them, reference my fold down bar with old dot tutorial. Here is my latest random door in my yard.


Toddler Friendly Father’s Day DIY gift

This is a super cute super easy Father’s Day gift you can make quickly, even with little helpers!

What you need:

1 box chocolate Cheerios
1 box Golden Grahams
1 box Cocoa Puffs
1 bag mini marshmallows
1 bag mini chocolate chips

*store brand equivalents of all these are fine and more thrifty!


Pour all ingredients I to a really large bowl. Kids love this part. Stir it up.


Fill bags. I filled 5 large treat bags. I added a fun tag that said ” I love Grandma lots but I love Grandpa S’more” we made then for the grandpa and great grandpas. You can substitute mommy and daddy or if you are worried about a favorites issue just say I love______( kids favorite treat) instead of grandma or mommy. I will post a free printable PDF when I get back on a computer but for now. I used Digs My Heart and JI Marshmallow Roast . Both free downloads from font cubes and font space respectively.


These were quick and easy and the kids got to be involved.


Cheap and easy door up grade

I was tired of my doors looking cheap and ugly after redecorating my bathroom. Here is a cheap easy way to make them look more expensive and unique.



Sorry I don’t have a during pick to post but it’s pretty straight forward. Just grab some cheap wood or plastic frames, mine were $1 each. Glue them onto your door using a product like liquid nails and paint over. I didn’t have a lot is selection, we don’t have a dollar store, so my frames didn’t sit flush with the door on the inside. I applied a bead of kaulk and painted over them.




I had three on the door. I did take it off the frame to glue while it was laying flat. Much easier. I would suggest bigger frames, maybe a thrift store? Next time.