Emergency Sewing Kit


Small piece of felt



Small piece of light weight cardboard


I was getting a wedding day emergency kit ready today. I planned on purchasing a sewing kit but wanted to save money by DIY. I came up with this cute little sewing kit. I cut a piece of felt into a heart and cut two small slits vertically. I took a thin piece of cardboard and cut it into a small strip. I put a slit in it to hold the ends of the thread and wrapped it in a good size piece of thread. I slipped it into the slots on the felt heart and then stuck a needle in the heart. Finished!


Front Step Makeover

i decided that Iay have been neglecting the outside of my house a little. My first step is to spruce up the front door. The project isn’t totally complete but a good start.





This redo didn’t cost me a dime. I had the knoll post out in the shed, an old cupboard made the address sign and the milk can was located somewhere else in my yard. A coat of black and some vinyl is all it took. Next step is some plantings and a coat of red paint on the door. 

Newborn winter nightgown


This is any easy project, I sewed this one in 30min, pausing to take photos for this tutorial.

A 15in x 18in piece of flannel (for a newborn -3 month size, you may need a little more for larger sizes)
A little extra for the bow tie if you choose
A long sleeve onesie
13in of 1/4 elastic

Step 1:
Fold your fabric in half, making it 9in x 15in. Lay your onesie on top and cut out a skirt of fabric. Leave 1/4in on each side where the skirt will match up with the onesie.


Step 2:
Turn your skirt inside out and stitch up both sides.


Step 3:
Cut your onesie in half. Just under the armpits. Be sure to leave 1/4 in to sew the skirt and onesie together.


Step 4:
Slide your onesie inside the inside out skirt with the neck facing down. Pin and sew.


Step 5:
Turn the bottom edge of the skirt over making a casing. Pull your elastic through and close your casing.

Step 6: optional
Turn right side out and add a bow tie. This was for a little boy so I wanted it to look manly. You could add buttons or leave it plain too.