Chokecherry Syrup

Hi All! My mom and I came into a large surplus of chokecherries someone had been keeping in their fridge so we snatched up the unique opportunity to make a few jars of purple gold in November. We of course used the tried and true method of boiling the berries with a little bit of water until they popped like cranberries. We then strained them through pantyhose. We each ended up with

purple hands but the juice is worth it. Now there are no USDA of Ball Blue book recommendations for syrups so we do not process ours. Instead we freeze it for later use. We use equal parts sugar to juice. Boil until thick and sheets your spoon. Then put into a freezer safe container and freeze for later!


Crisp Fall Days

So I love Fall! I love cold nights and crisp days and especially the smell of leaves. So in honor of this great season I whipped up some yummy apple cider and made some syrup. The recipe for cider is 2 quarts apple juice, 1 c up frozen oj concentrate 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg and 5-7 whole cloves. Pour into a large saucepan and warm or heat up in a crock pot if serving at a function  ENJOY!