Quick Valentine’s Day Sign

I made this last year when I discovered I didn’t have anything for Valentine’s to hang on my picket fence. I change it seasonally and I wanted something for V-Day.  I found this great piece of barn wood in a pile I keep behind my shed much to my husband’s chagrin.










I took the cheap foam letters pictured below that I got sevearl years ago and traced them onto newspaper. I then cut out the letters leaving a stencil and taped it on the barn wood. I then lightly sprayed over top with a deep red spray paint I had on had. I liked the imperfect light coating. It made the sign look old. I peeled the newspaper off, let it dry and added a hanger on the back. TADA! Happy Valentine’s Day!



Fun Fall Wreath

I was getting my yard cleaned up and festive and found an old wreath in my shed. It had fake leaves and some pine cones on a nice willow wreath frame. It had been pretty nice once but hanging on my front door for two years had taken its toll. It was still in good shape structurally but the leaves had faded.  Never one to throw anything out, in fact my husband calls me his favorite hoarder, I thought I would try and fix it. I found a bottle of burgundy pray paint that matches the accent color on my house and a can of gold. Spray paint is my best friend and I keep plenty on hand. I sprayed the wreath with the burgundy, leaving the orange color still intact peeking out in a few places for some depth. I let it dry then just dusted it with the gold. It turned out great and looks custom since it matches the accent colors I have all along the front of my house! Good cheap fun!