Toddler friendly reusable bag update-quick sew

Ok so I decided to teach 4 year olds at my sons preschool how to make reusable bags so I needed a simpler less time consuming version. Here is the finished product.


As you can see this one has the unfinished edge and uses ribbon for tabs.

First cut a 6 x 9 inch rectangle of fabric. Again I used an oil cloth. I cut it out with pinking shears to give it a cool look but this stuff doesn’t fray so you don’t have to.

Next, sewed a 6 in hook piece of sew on Velcro to one of the 6 in sides on the inside of the fabric rectangle. Half way across I tucked in a piece of ribbon folded in half so the ends were under the velcro. I used a cotton grosgrain so it would wash well. I melted the edged with flame before I tucked them in so they wouldn’t fray. I sewed two straight edges, one on the top side and one I the bottom side of the Velcro to hold it well. Repeat for the loop side of the Velcro.


I did these steps in preparation for his preschool class. We folded the bags in half securing the Velcro and forming a bag. I let them help me stitch the two sides together.


Done! This is the quick sew version and I cut out and prepped 15 in about 1.5 hrs. Now took a lot longer for his class…


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