Fold Away Bar Guide

Well I wouldn’t exactly call this a tutorial but here is how I built a fold down bar in my garden out of an old door.


I had this old door hanging out in shed from when we removed it in my kitchen. It took four large eye bolts long enough to go through my door, some washers, four locking nuts, enough chain to hold the door up on both sides ( you will need to measure this based on your door width)’ three 2x4s, a 1×2 some 2in screws and a drill. I reused the hinges off the door.

My shed I was hanging the door on wasn’t very thick walled and I didn’t want my door falling off so I used a 2×4 on the inside for something solid to screw the hinges into.


I did the same with the 1×2 where the eye bolts to hold the chain were going to come through. Again the distance between these two boards will depend on the width of your door but should be equal to the width.

I put a 2×4 on the outside to mount the hinges to. I also put one the same distance as the width of the door on the outside, so when closed my door would lay flush.



Next I attached the eye bolts to both the shed and the door. I drilled out the door to insert these. I used the washers and locking nuts to hold them in place. Make sure to offset the a little or your door won’t close. I attached the chain and adjusted so when open the door hung level. I also took the inside knob off since it hit and wouldn’t let the door close right.


I put a hook and eye on each end to keep the door closed when not in use.


Hope it gives you some ideas!


Toddler friendly reusable bag update-quick sew

Ok so I decided to teach 4 year olds at my sons preschool how to make reusable bags so I needed a simpler less time consuming version. Here is the finished product.


As you can see this one has the unfinished edge and uses ribbon for tabs.

First cut a 6 x 9 inch rectangle of fabric. Again I used an oil cloth. I cut it out with pinking shears to give it a cool look but this stuff doesn’t fray so you don’t have to.

Next, sewed a 6 in hook piece of sew on Velcro to one of the 6 in sides on the inside of the fabric rectangle. Half way across I tucked in a piece of ribbon folded in half so the ends were under the velcro. I used a cotton grosgrain so it would wash well. I melted the edged with flame before I tucked them in so they wouldn’t fray. I sewed two straight edges, one on the top side and one I the bottom side of the Velcro to hold it well. Repeat for the loop side of the Velcro.


I did these steps in preparation for his preschool class. We folded the bags in half securing the Velcro and forming a bag. I let them help me stitch the two sides together.


Done! This is the quick sew version and I cut out and prepped 15 in about 1.5 hrs. Now took a lot longer for his class…