Cardigan onesie edit

Ok so I found it hard to get adorable embellishments for boys clothes until I found this awesome tutorialcardigan tutorial

Only problem was I could never find a onesie that buttoned like the one shown. So here is my edit to the tutorial. Mine always looked like this:


So instead of cutting the whole onesie in half and then sewing it back together with the bias tape I just cut the “V” part out. Next I made a notch to allow he bias to come off the neckline and lay on top of the onesie the rest of the way down.


Then I followed the rest of the tutorial until my bias got to the notch and then pinned it down the front of my onesie. I folded he end inside itself so I had a finished edge that wouldn’t interfere with the snaps.


I sewed everything down and TaDa!



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