Reusable Toddler Friendly Snack Bag

My preschool provider recently sent home a newsletter talking about packing waste free lunches for the kids. Keeping all those plastic wrappers and containers out of landfills. We usually buy in bulk and repackage in reusable containers but I thought it would save us some money to reuse ziplock bags. I came up with this pattern and sewed it really quickly. The tabs help my 2 year old open the stiff Velcro.

This shows a sandwich bag also but that tutorial another day…

I used oil cloth I had left over from a couple of baby projects, some sew on Velcro and fabric to make tabs but I would recommend ribbon. I used fabric because all my ribbon was in the nursery with a sleeping baby 🙂

Step 1: Cut your oil cloth to a size that, when folded in half, is the bag size you want. I wanted a 3x5in bag so my square was 6x5in. I used pinking shears because it gave the bags a nice finished looking edge.

Step 2: Cut you Velcro to length. Mine was 5in.

Step 3: Pin your Velcro to your two short edges and pin your tabs in between the Velcro and oil cloth and sew down. I sewed around all 4 edges to make it good and sturdy. Remember these were going in my 2 year olds lunch box. Repeat on the other side.


Step 4: Turn you bag with outside in and stitch down both sides.

Turn right side out and your done!



Cardigan onesie edit

Ok so I found it hard to get adorable embellishments for boys clothes until I found this awesome tutorialcardigan tutorial

Only problem was I could never find a onesie that buttoned like the one shown. So here is my edit to the tutorial. Mine always looked like this:


So instead of cutting the whole onesie in half and then sewing it back together with the bias tape I just cut the “V” part out. Next I made a notch to allow he bias to come off the neckline and lay on top of the onesie the rest of the way down.


Then I followed the rest of the tutorial until my bias got to the notch and then pinned it down the front of my onesie. I folded he end inside itself so I had a finished edge that wouldn’t interfere with the snaps.


I sewed everything down and TaDa!


Mustache pacifiers

This super cute and super easy project takes all of 5 minutes! All you need is a couple of pacifiers, I like the soft silicone type ones, a piece of craft foam and good glue. I recommend 9001 found at most craft stores. I think that stuff would glue a rock to the space shuttle and it would stick.

Fold your foam in half and cut out half a mustache. That way it’s the same on both the left and right. Glue it to the paci and let dry! Tada!