Nap Mat Tutorial


it has taken me longer to get this tutorial up than to make this project. My son loves to lay down on the floor with a pillow and is getting big enough to not need his pack and play for nap times at daycare. I made him this special pad with removable foam so its washable. I used fabric I had hoarded up for a while and some old jeans of my husbands. The only expense was the foam inside. We typically put my yoga mat in the bottom of the pack and play for overnight trips to soften up the bed a little without the risk of something to fluffy. The yoga mats work excellent but were almost $20. Being the frugal mom I am I shopped around and settled on a foam mat designed for camping for only $10. I have enough left over to even line the new baby’s bassinet. I made my mat 36 x 25 to fit in the pack and play but you could adjust the size to meet the needs of your child.



Foam material (about 1 yard)

1 yd Top material ( I used cozy flanel)

1 yd Bottom Material (I used denim for durability)


Velcro ( sew in, not self sticking)

Step 1: Cut your fabric, both top and bottom, to the size you would like your mat to  be. Again mine is the size of my pack and play. I used scrap denim so I sewed the large pieces from my husbands pant legs together until I had a square large enough to cut out.

Step 2: Sew a hem in the right side of both your top and bottom fabric. This hem should be as deep as your velcro. This is the “open” side of your mat where you can pull the pads in and out.


Step 3: Sew your velcro on the hemmed edge. Take the length of the mat, divide by 4. This amount will be how big each section of your mat will be. You need to subtract 2 inches and cut your velcro that size. So if your mat is 36 inches like mine your sections will be 9 inches. You only need to make your velcro 7 inches long for each section. You need 4 male and female pieces this long.


Step 4: Turn your fabrics right side to right side and sew along the three edges that are not hemmed. Turn right side out.

Step 5: Now mark, I used pins, on the right side of your mat ( Right now looking like a giant pillow case) at each of your section marks. In my example above this would be every 9 inches. This is where you will sew a stitch parallel to the top and bottom from velcro side to closed side to make 4 pockets for the foam.

Step 6: Cut your foam pieces the width of your mat and about 1 inch smaller than your section size. In my example this would be 8 inches. You might need to do some trimming to make sure they fit and fold in your mat. This will vary with your mat thickness. I had to do a little trimming to make them fit. Slip your foam in, close your velcro and TADA!



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