Christmas Presents in Progress


A Craft for All Seasons

I started out wanting to make something in mass for 11 families on my Christmas list. A friend of mine shared a gift she had gotten that was block with a saying for each season. I misinterpreted the description and ended up with these. Apparently the one she was relating to me was the cute blocks so popular on pintrest right now. Well, I wanted to be different right?

So the tutorial for these is as follows:


(4) 3.5in wood blocks per set ( I needed 44)

Acrylic Craft Paint (I used CreamCoat in Antique White for half and Burnt Umber for the other half)

Crackle Medium ( I used Folk Art crackle)

Paint Brush, 1 large and 1 small

Sand Paper

I started by painting my blocks with the base coat. I used white on white so using my large brush I painted four sides, leaving the “top” and”bottom” unpainted so I had s surface to hold on to and let the block dry. I then painted the remaining two sides when it dried. Since this was just a cover coat I didn’t worry too much about great coverage. I then painted the four sides with crackle medium. This takes a lot longer to dry. I used crackle to help build dimension on the block since no fun 3d accessories can be added to the blocks. They have to lay flat to rotate to the next season. I then “crackled” the top and bottom. After this was all dry I covered the blocks in the two step mentioned above with the white again. You could use a contrasting color on the second coat to add more dimension and more noticeable crackle.  After these two coats dried I then sanded down all edges.

I then used my vinyl cutter to print letters. You could paint your own, or use stickers. I just had 11 sets to finish so I opted for a quick mass production option. For Winter I had “S” “N””O””W” on the four blocks. I tipped them up exposing a new side and put “G” “R” “O” “W” on that side of the set for Spring. I flipped the blocks again and put “S” “U” “N” and a cute butterfly for Summer. As a side note it is extremely difficult to find a 4 letter word to describe summer 🙂  I flipped the blocks for the last time and put “F” “A” “L” “L” for Fall of course. I tied them all up with a ribbon and put it in a gift bag. All in all, with a great two for one deal on blocks each set cost me about $12. 

Fun Fall Wreath

I was getting my yard cleaned up and festive and found an old wreath in my shed. It had fake leaves and some pine cones on a nice willow wreath frame. It had been pretty nice once but hanging on my front door for two years had taken its toll. It was still in good shape structurally but the leaves had faded.  Never one to throw anything out, in fact my husband calls me his favorite hoarder, I thought I would try and fix it. I found a bottle of burgundy pray paint that matches the accent color on my house and a can of gold. Spray paint is my best friend and I keep plenty on hand. I sprayed the wreath with the burgundy, leaving the orange color still intact peeking out in a few places for some depth. I let it dry then just dusted it with the gold. It turned out great and looks custom since it matches the accent colors I have all along the front of my house! Good cheap fun!

Chokecherry Syrup

Hi All! My mom and I came into a large surplus of chokecherries someone had been keeping in their fridge so we snatched up the unique opportunity to make a few jars of purple gold in November. We of course used the tried and true method of boiling the berries with a little bit of water until they popped like cranberries. We then strained them through pantyhose. We each ended up with

purple hands but the juice is worth it. Now there are no USDA of Ball Blue book recommendations for syrups so we do not process ours. Instead we freeze it for later use. We use equal parts sugar to juice. Boil until thick and sheets your spoon. Then put into a freezer safe container and freeze for later!

Crisp Fall Days

So I love Fall! I love cold nights and crisp days and especially the smell of leaves. So in honor of this great season I whipped up some yummy apple cider and made some syrup. The recipe for cider is 2 quarts apple juice, 1 c up frozen oj concentrate 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg and 5-7 whole cloves. Pour into a large saucepan and warm or heat up in a crock pot if serving at a function  ENJOY!